Vegan Food

Homemade Chili – 7.50 half /9.50 full
A spicy 10 bean mix. Onions, Bell Peppers, Thai Chilis, Chipotle Peppers, Garlic, and our custom spices complete this dish and it’s wheat/gluten free. Served with a slice (optional) of toasted *Ciabatta bread *(contains wheat). Try it “Bodi style” – topped with cashew creme and *cillantro pesto *(contains cashew) add $1.50.

Sem Sandwich – 7 half / 10.50 full
Whole *Pita Bread with a housemade Hummus and Cilantro Pesto spread. Pita pockets* are filled with Mixed Veggies, Spring Mix and Sprouts tossed with a Cashew Cream sauce and House Dressing, topped with Vegan Parmesan (contains walnuts). *Contains wheat gluten.

1/2 Nekked Burrito – 12
Organic housemade Corn Tortilla, Beans, Rice, Grilled Veggies, Avocado, topped with Cashew “Cream” and tomatillo sauce . Served with a Mixed Green Salad tossed with fresh vegetables, house dressing, and Vegan Parmesan (contains walnuts) and lavished with our slow roasted Tomato Sauce.

No Shirt, No Shoes – 10.50
Rice and Beans combined with seasonal Grilled Veggies, sliced Avocado, Cashew Cream, a dash of Chipotle, housemade tomatillo sauce and topped with Hemp Seed and our slow roasted Tomato Sauce.

Soup Mahendra – 7.00 half / 9.00 full
Our signature soup served daily. Contains Cauliflower, Green Lentils, Russet Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and a Spice Medley. Topped with Marinated Kale and our Vegan Parmesan (contains walnuts).

Grain Bowl – 8.50
The soup Mahendra served over organic Basmati Rice. Topped with Marinated Kale and Vegan Parmesan (contains walnuts).

Exodus – 10.5
A fragrant and flavorful rice dish. Basmati Rice combined with Coconut Oil, Rice Milk, Fresh Vegetables, Sprouts, Marinated Kale, and a rich Tamari sauce. Topped with Hemp Seed, and Vegan Parmesan (contains walnuts).